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The Pacific Leadership and Governance Precinct’s delivery partner institutions will be transformed to provide the best possible learning environment. Spaces will be designed to promote discussion and collaboration, as well as private study and research. Facilities will be digital-ready, giving students access to global learning resources and the ability to communicate with peers across the world.

UPNG’s new School of Business and Public Policy will in the future be housed in its own building, containing international-standard teaching, research and study areas. The building will cement the school’s new identity and address severe capacity constraints experienced by its predecessor. The space will promote a new style of learning, based on inquiry, discussion and adult learning.

The nearby PNG Institute of Public Administration (IPA) will also get new facilities to complete its transformation to the PNG School of Government. The run-down “Building A” has been demolished to make way for a new administration and education wing. Its replacement will contain new classrooms, meeting rooms and administrative offices. A refurbished learning resource centre will also be funded.

All new infrastructure will be low maintenance to keep ongoing costs down, and be accessible by disabled students.

In addition to the works associated with the Precinct, UPNG is receiving new facilities under separate commitments from Australia as agreed under the 2013 Joint Understanding between Australia and PNG for increases bilateral cooperation.

University of Papua New Guinea’s new School of Business and Public Policy will be housed in a modern, ICT-ready design.

PNG’s historic Bully Beef building was demolished earlier in 2015 to make way for new construction that delivers an administration wing and meeting rooms for the revitalised PNGIPA. The Bully Beef club is a name synonymous with nation building – the club, including the father of PNG independence, Sir Michael Somare, gathered into the night to plan for a day when PNG would govern its own nation. Therefore, it is only fitting that the Precinct vision to build a new generation of leaders in PNG is acknowledged in this landmark new facility.


The new library wing at the PNG Institute of Public Administration has an interface internally within PNGIPA and outwards to UPNG – capturing the partnership between these institutions.


UPNG’s new main lecture theatre will support major Precinct events and further augments the capability of the School of Business and Public Policy.


Aerial of new buildings at the University of Papua New Guinea