The Precinct

The Pacific Leadership and Governance Precinct is a partnership between the Governments of Papua New Guinea and Australia to support the development of ethical and capable public sector leaders in Papua New Guinea.

The partnership, through the Precinct, aims to share experiences between Papua New Guineans and Australians on how to improve governance and service delivery at national, provincial and district levels, encouraging values-based decision making in the Papua New Guinea public service.

The Precinct is currently focused on the strengthening of two educational institutions – the University of Papua New Guinea’s School of Business and Public Policy and the Pacific Institute of Leadership and Governance.

These historic institutions, and the linkages they are developing with Australian institutions, are at the heart of the Precinct. They hone the talents of public service executives, and future leaders with the ability to take on senior roles, providing them with the capabilities needed to usher in a new era of economic and social development.

Both institutions are benefiting from new infrastructure which provides modern spaces for tuition, learning and research. This includes the new School of Business and Public Policy Building, and a new administration building and Learning Resource Centre at the Pacific Institute of Leadership and Governance.

But the Precinct is more than the sum of these institutions and the programs they provide. It is a hub for discussion and collaboration, involving Australians alongside their Papua New Guinean counterparts. It promotes a culture of continuous learning with an overarching focus on gender equity and social inclusion. It encourages the formation of professional networks that transcend provincial boundaries and traditional gender roles.

The Precinct also promotes linkages between the public and private sectors, civil society and professional associations, facilitating dialogue on public policy challenges and opportunities, and how ethical leaders can support positive change.