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Public Speaking and Speech Writing

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5th – 7th June 2017

Initiative Program short course

This executive leadership short course is designed to enhance the public speaking and speech writing skills of public sector leaders (Grades 14 and above).

Delivered over three days (5–7 June), the course will build the capacity of senior public servants to write and deliver speeches which convey critical information and motivate action.

Practical sessions will give participants the skills to craft and deliver compelling speeches to motivate and inspire. This includes planning, writing messages, anticipating responses, rehearsing, refining and speech delivery.

Working with one of Australia’s leading public relations experts, Toby Ralph, and local specialists, the seminar is designed to teach the art of speech writing and delivery in a way that is tailored to the Papua New Guinea public sector.

For further details please contact:
Matilda Kowos – Manager, Talent Development, Executive Leadership Development Division, Department of Personnel Management
Phone: 327 6407

Simaima Tavil-Melachon – National Implementation Manager, Precinct Leadership Program
Phone: 7289 0465