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Leading by example – Gender Equity and Social Inclusion

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18th – 19th June 2015
PNG Institute of Public Administration

PNG’s public sector is leading the way in stamping out gender violence, ensuring safer and more productive workplaces.

The Department of Personnel Management has taken the lead in efforts to stamp out gender violence by influencing the behaviour and mindset of more than 94,000 public sector workers.

An upcoming two day workshop – Gender Equity and Human Rights Mainstreaming for Executive Managers and Policy Makers – will encourage senior public servants to strive relentlessly for gender equality in their agencies.

“Gender based violence is a crime and a breach of people’s human rights and freedom,” DPM Secretary John Kali said.

“We all have to demonstrate a cultural responsibility to ensure everyone knows our culture does not stand for this violence and it is not part of our identity.” Presentations will cover the introduction of gender equity and social inclusion (GESI) policies in the public and private sectors, and workplace strategies to tackle gender violence.