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UPNG Inspired: ‘Meri Markham’ and ‘Path to Nationhood’

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7th June 2017
University of Papua New Guinea

Film screening at UPNG

UPNG Inspired screen films about Papua New Guinea each week  for students and staff at the University of Papua New Guinea.

The sessions are run by the Australian National University academics that work as part of the UPNG School of Business and Policy team through the Pacific Leadership and Governance Precinct.

This session, which will be held on 7 June 2017 at the UPNG Main Lecture Theatre, will screen Meri Markham and Path to Nationhood.

Meri Markham follows Jennifer Baing Waiko, whose father is from the Markham Valley and mother is from New Zealand, on her journey to stand for the 2012 Markham Open election.

Path to Nationhood tells the story of the first national election of the House of Assembly of Papua and New Guinea in 1964. It includes footage of the difficulties faced compiling the common electoral roll (for 1,000,000 Papua New Guineans), voting, counting and the declaration of the polls.