Discussion events

The Precinct also provides a platform for intellectual discussion on leadership and governance in Papua New Guinea through its discussion events, which have included the new Toktok Bilong Strongim Nesen and the 2018 APEC Discussion Series at the Precinct.

These public events facilitate discussions on key policy areas and issues of national importance with a focus on to bringing together like-minded individuals and organisations to create coalitions for change and to build collaborative efforts to address the challenges faced in creating an environment of strong governance.

  • Toktok Bilong Strongim Nesen

    The Toktok Bilong Strongim Nesen series of public discussion events gives Papua New Guineans a say on important national issues.

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  • APEC Discussion Series

    The APEC Discussion Series at the Precinct provided Papua New Guineans unprecedented access to visiting international and local experts and the APEC discussions taking place throughout 2018.

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