Discussion events

Toktok Bilong Strongim Nesen

The Toktok Bilong Strongim Nesen series of public discussion events gives Papua New Guineans a say on important national issues.

Each event includes a keynote address and a panel discussion that provides a platform for open public engagement with local and international experts, exploring themes and policy issues pertinent to Papua New Guinea and the Pacific.

Toktok Bilong Strongim Nesen builds on the success of the 2018 APEC Discussion Series at the Precinct, which was attended by more than 3,500 people and broadcast on television and radio to a potential audience of four million people.

It is supported by the Papua New Guinea – Australia Partnership and is hosted at the University of Papua New Guinea, a historic home for debates on topics of national importance.

  • Male Champions of Change

    The Toktok Bilong Strongim Nesen discussion series will commence at 4:30pm on Tuesday 2 July at the University of Papua of New Guinea new lecture theatre with an event themed ‘Male Champions of Change: Partners in the push for gender equality’.

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  • Innovators and Educators

    The event explored the important role that universities play preparing the workforce of the future and in building a nation.

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  • Cultural heritage in modern PNG

    The role of tradition and heritage in contemporary Papua New Guinea is a complex topic, and one that is commonly debated in communities and households throughout the country.

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  • Billions from Betel Nut?

    Join the final Toktok Bilong Strongim Nesen discussion series event for 2019 in a fascinating public discussion themed ‘Billions from Betel Nut? Taxation, Growth and Governance’.

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