Future Leaders Program

Future leaders training kicks-off for 2019

Future leader: Rayleen Wally from the East Sepik Provincial Health Authority.

Emerging public service leaders have commenced a nine-month leadership training program that will ready them to step-up as decision-makers.

The first group of Future Leaders Program participants for 2019 began training on 25 February to develop core public service skills – including leadership capabilities, strategic thinking and policy development.

The Future Leaders Program is part of the Pacific Leadership and Governance Precinct, a partnership between Papua New Guinea and Australia to support the development of ethical, capable leaders.

It is led by the Department of Personnel Management and Acting Secretary Taies Sansan said the Future Leaders Program was designed specifically for up and coming public sector leaders in PNG.

“We are empowering emerging leaders from all over Papua New Guinea with the tools they need to make a difference for the country,” Ms Sansan said.

“The Future Leaders Program is underpinned by the principles of ethical leadership, gender equity and social inclusion. Participants are selected because they have demonstrated commitment to these values and shown potential as leaders.

“The course is intense and graduates from previous years are now reaping the rewards by applying their learning back in their organisations.”

Since 2017, the Future Leaders Program has been completed by 132 public servants, with two-thirds from the provincial and district levels.
One of the past participants was Rayleen Wally, an accounts examiner with the East Sepik Provincial Health Authority, who said the course was very timely for her as a young public servant still finding her voice.

“To be good, productive public servants – assets in the public sector – we have to face challenges and overcome difficult situations.”

“This course has taught me how to change behaviors, attitudes and practices – how to work cooperatively, achieve the organization’s goals and contribute to the country as a whole.

“The Future Leaders Program is based on ethical values and principles in the workplace. We need to uphold those values for a better public sector workforce and service delivery to the people.”

All participants in the current course work in the health sector, including public servants from both provincial offices and central agencies in Port Moresby.