Our Partners

The Precinct is currently focused on the strengthening of two educational institutions – the University of Papua New Guinea’s School of Business and Public Policy and the Pacific Institute of Leadership and Governance.

These historic institutions, and the linkages they are developing with Australian institutions, are at the heart of the Precinct. They hone the talents of public service executives, and future leaders with the ability to take on senior roles, providing them with the capabilities needed to usher in a new era of economic and social development.

  • UPNG School of Business and Public Policy

    The University of Papua New Guinea’s School of Business and Public Policy strives to create private and public sector leaders through the pursuit of excellence in learning, discovery, and impact for both Papua New Guinea and the Pacific Region.

    The School has positioned itself as one of the leading business schools in Papua New Guinea and an emerging institution in the Asia-Pacific Region. Its vision is for business and public policy that drive sustainable growth in Papua New Guinea.

    The Precinct is supporting the School of Business to become a regional centre of excellence in the important governance disciplines of economics and public policy, providing direct benefits to students and building the capacity of faculty members.

    The new School of Business and Public Policy Building will provide international-standard spaces for teaching, research and study. It will promote a contemporary style of learning, based on enquiry, discussion and adult learning. The building will also be accessible by people living with a disability, reflecting the Precinct’s emphasis on social inclusion.

  • Pacific Institute of Leadership and Governance (formerly PNGIPA)

    The Pacific Institute of Leadership and Governance is committed to the development of public service leaders by providing vocational training that meets the needs of government agencies.

    The Institute is focused on enhancing public sector performance, with a particular emphasis on the extension of programs to the subnational level through regional training centres, and delivery in the regions, provinces and districts. It provides organisational needs-based training focused on ethical leadership, strategic planning, corporate services and management processes.

    The Pacific Leadership and Governance Precinct supports the Institute’s continued revitalisation led by its management team.

    Regional training delivery is being strengthened, with assistance from the Precinct, including vocational education delivered directly to subnational areas. This supports the Government of Papua New Guinea’s decentralisation priority through the development of leaders who can drive improved service delivery and economic development at the provincial and district levels.

    Precinct support includes strategic planning and management, a curriculum review process, improvements to the student management system, and information and communications technology upgrades – which will include an online dashboard for staff and student administration.