Success Stories

Management skills open new avenues for aspiring businesswoman

Yvonne Vavine enjoys the variety of her job as a monitoring officer for European Union-funded programs at the Department of National Planning. But, with new management skills gained through recent studies at the Pacific Leadership and Governance Precinct, she is rising above her rank as a junior officer, and starting to dream of a future where she could be her own boss.

Ms Vavine graduated with a Diploma of Government (Management) at the Papua New Guinea Institute of Public Administration (PNGIPA) in December 2015. The year-long, full-time course was delivered by trainers from Australia-based CIT Solutions, and facilitated by the Precinct.

Since returning to her role at the Department of National Planning, where she has worked since 2009, Ms Vavine has found herself sharing knowledge from the Diploma with colleagues, and influencing management practices across her department, with the blessing of her superiors.

“Some of our managers have very good skills, but some have very bad skills,” admits Ms Vavine. “The management skills that I learnt during the course – how to manage people, and especially how to manage difficult people – I was able to share with our management staff.

“They said, ‘these are good skills, why don’t you bring them to us and share them with us?’, and I said I was willing to share these skills if they were willing to accept these things from me, an officer at the lower level.”

Ms Vavine says her studies have helped broaden her contribution in the workplace, and expanded the scope of her role.

“I’ve been able to be effectively involved in management decisions,” she explains. “At our level, management have noticed that, so they normally turn to me to seek advice on how things are supposed to be carried out, so I’ve been able to contribute to some of those management decisions.”

While Ms Vavine is enjoying making a greater contribution at the Department of National Planning, and benefitting from her new-found confidence in her current role, she hopes to one day channel these skills into running her own business.

“I want to be my own manager and my own boss,” she reveals. “The skills that I have attained from the CIT programs (Diploma of Governance), have been really useful, and I will be able to manage myself, run my own company, and manage people around me.”


Yvonne Vavine studied for a Diploma of Government (Management) in 2015, delivered by Canberra-based CIT Solutions at the Papua New Guinea Institute of Public Administration, and facilitated by the Pacific Leadership and Governance Precinct. The Precinct is a joint initiative of the Governments of PNG and Australia to promote ethical leadership and strong governance within the public sector at the national, provincial and district level.