COVID-19’s impact on the Pacific Leadership and Governance Precinct

The PNG and Australian governments have responded quickly to global events and have agreed to pause training under the Precinct and redirect resources to PNG’s COVID-19 priorities.  

People already supported by the Precinct to undertake studies will continue to be supported until completion of their programs.

All current beneficiaries will be contacted and advised of the new points of contact for their scholarship programs.

Alongside PNG Government partners, Australia will assess the future shape of public sector training support on the other side of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Leadership legacy

Australia remains committed to working with PNG to achieve long-term development objectives and the partnership between Papua New Guinea and Australia remains as strong as ever.

At the heart of the Precinct’s successes were people-to-people and institutional links between Papua New Guinea and Australia – relationships that are certain to continue.

A key legacy of the Precinct is the more than 6,000 Papua New Guineans who have engaged with the program since 2015, be it through courses, diplomas, degrees or discussion events.

These participants have given overwhelmingly positive feedback on their experiences and continue to make positive change across PNG as ethical, values-based and inclusive leaders.

Precinct participants are leaders in their organisations, families and communities – the skills they have refined are particularly important at this time.

Under the Precinct project, the Pacific Institute of Leadership and Governance and the University of Papua New Guinea have been endowed with high-quality facilities that will remain of vital use as they deliver on their role as centres for the education of future leaders – including public servants.

Past and present students can direct questions to