Leadership Framework

In 2013 the PNG Government launched the Public Service Ethics and Values-based Leadership Capability Framework.  A first of its kind in PNG, the framework expresses a common set of values drawn from the nation’s constitution, traditional society, Christian faith and modern business environment. All public servants are expected to adhere to the framework.

The development of the framework was supported by the Australian Government via the Australia Public Service Commission.

The framework will provide focus and context for the work of the Pacific Leadership and Governance Precinct.


Leadership is about initiative, action and courage. Good leaders inspire and support those around them so they can achieve common goals. They are accountable, and demand accountability in others.


PNG’s public sector leaders are expected to exhibit six core values: honesty, integrity, accountability, respect, wisdom and responsibility. This values-based leadership framework is equally consistent with clan and Christian settings, and the modern business environment.


Ethical leaders resist temptation and are committed carrying out their professional duties with legal and moral integrity. They must uphold society’s values and speak out when others fail to do so.

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Ethics and Values-Based Leadership Capability Framework