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Ethical Leadership Improving Service Delivery

“I am a leader who should focus more on ethics in my public sector field and contribute meaningfully to service delivery. We need to make sure the public service machinery is free of corruption. A patient walking out of my hospital is this measure of success,” said Sister Theonila Watt who is the Director of Nursing Services at  Nonga Hospital in the East New Britain province.

Sister Watt is one of 22 participants from across 5 provinces, 9 government agencies and for the first time – the health sector, who attended the Pacific Leadership and Governance Precinct short course from 21-23 March on Ethical Decision Making in Leadership.

The three day course by Australia’s The Ethics Centre highlighted the important relationship between ethical leadership at all levels of government and delivering services to the people.

The training included simulations, hypotheticals and practical tools to implement the PNG Government’s 2013 National Public Service Ethics and Values-Based Leadership and Management Capability Framework. The framework centers on key values such as respect, integrity, honesty, accountability, wisdom and responsibility.

Key components of the course were leader’s decision making skills, conflicts of interest, role of leaders in modelling ethical behaviour and how to influence organisational change.

Sister Watt believes the course has been an opportunity to collaborate across sectors, “In order to be in an ethical system, we need to learn from each other.”

The PNG-Australian Government’s Pacific Leadership and Governance Precinct works towards strengthening senior executive leadership and supporting improvements to transparency and accountability in service delivery.