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New electrical transformer to support development at PNGIPA

The Papua New Guinea Institute of Public Administration (PNGIPA) will now have a stable power supply after a new power transformer and switchboard were installed at the campus.

The upgrade is part of infrastructure renewal work being undertaken through the Pacific Leadership and Governance Precinct initiative.

The new 500kVA transformer unit replaced an old 300kVA transformer installed in the mid-1960s.

PNGIPA’s role as a core Precinct training institution had placed strain on the smaller unit, raising the probability of unplanned outages and future failure.

PNGIPA Project Coordinator Anthony Tuainembe said “to cater for these new developments on the campus, the first thing to do is to upgrade the power systems to cater for the additional buildings and electricity loads”.

PNGIPA is receiving a new administration block and library under the Precinct partnership between the Governments of Australia and Papua New Guinea.

PNGIPA Librarian Eric Nandoma said the works at the campus would enable it to fulfil its role as a core Precinct delivery partner.

“The new library will be a modern and state of the art library, and maintaining constant power supply is of paramount importance to this facility,” Mr Namdona said.