Precinct Leadership Program

Public service executives ready to build high-performing teams

Ilikomau Ali applies PNG’s Leadership Capability Framework to her coursework.

A group of Papua New Guinea’s top public servants believe they can empower teams to reach their full potential following the completion of a high-level executive program.

Twenty participants took part in the Building High-Performing Teams short course to develop their managerial leadership skills and elevate team performance in the public sector.

The course was a collaboration between the Department of Personnel Management and the Australian Public Service Commission, and supported by the PNG-Australia Partnership.

Among the participants was Office of Censorship executive manager Ilikomau Ali.

“As leaders, our role is critical in serving the people of this country with effectiveness and efficiency,” Ms Ali said.

“We need a team that is equipped with positive attitudes, the right values and good characters in order to drive the public services and goods to the people.

“I have identified my potential to be an active leader, which is central to developing a team of employees who should have the drive, focus, energy and capability to communicate and deliver the strategic plan of the organisation.”

The course was guided by the PNG Government’s public service Leadership Capability Framework and Gender Equity and Social Inclusion Policy.

Ms Ali said it enabled women to be respected and seen as equal partners in the workforce.

“The PNG public service is creating equal opportunities for women and training of this level will pave the way for more women to be promoted to higher levels in decision-making processes.”

Since 2018, more than 60 public servants have completed Building High-Performing Teams and the complementary course Coaching and Developing Others. Women represented 42 per cent of all participants.