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PNG’s premier Executive Leadership Program

The PNG-Australian Government’s Pacific Leadership and Governance Precinct has signed a three year agreement with the University of Queensland to deliver the country’s premier training for senior public servants – the Executive Leadership Program.

The program will develop a cadre of ethical and accountable public officials with the capability to lead and deliver equitable government services to Papua New Guineans.


The Executive Leadership Program will:

·         Provide an avenue to embed the PNG Ethics and Values-Based Leadership Framework in the PNG Public Sector

·         Bring together institutions and high performing senior public servants

·         Build powerful incentives among potential future PNG leaders, including leaders of the Autonomous Region of Bougainville


ELP will comprise of two strands:

1.       Precinct Future Leaders Program: a series of activities for a selected cadre of high performing individuals

2.       Precinct Initiative Program: training across four thematic areas including; diversity and gender in leadership, corporate skills for the public sector, private sector and economic development, decentralization and subnational governance.


The Executive Leadership Program will commence July 2016.

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